Technology – Boon Or Bane


With technology around, our lives have been made very easy and simple and there are a lot of things that have been made effortless or painless for us. The power of technology is so very strong and sturdy that every now and then there is something new presented to the humankind just to make their life more comfortable. It is really a boon that is able to play magic in the daily living of human beings.

Technology in everyday life

Every small thing that we use in our everyday life is nothing but technology but in different forms. Take a morning scene in a busy house. From the bath time till the dining time, we experience the magical hands of technology. Heaters, microwave ovens, toasters etc are all the inventions of technology and all these are to make life simple and easy.

It is because of this that we have some of the most advanced modern day gadgets and tools like the computers, smartphones, iPads etc… Let there be any number of such inventions and new arrivals, nothing can come on par with the best of its types – the computers. Yes, have we ever imagined a life with a device doing all our paperwork, calculation etc this simple? It is these computers that are playing wonders for the economic growth of countries. The first ever computer was invented a few decades ago and it was massive in size. Since that was a new entry and many people did not have any idea about what it was, it was only the wise few who invented it could operate and use it. Slowly the need for a reduction in size came up and this is the starting point and we have the most advanced, slim and sleek computers today with everything inbuilt in it.

The basic for any computer operations is the Microsoft Office and it is this from where the other massive programs and applications were introduced. Yes, for becoming an expert in playing with the computers, a person needs to be well-versed in the basic Microsoft operations for this forms the base for everything ahead.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an application that enables the user to do anything with the computer like documenting, preparing presentations, calculating etc… For each of these, there is a separate application available and a person who gets a good hand on all these will be able to use the computers better than anybody else. There are so many training centers in London that try and educate the interested lot in this. They give proper training to them and make them masters in Microsoft Office. There are also online courses offered by some websites and classroom training available such as offered by Paul Brown Training in Birmingham. Yes, with this online facility they can take up classes at a time suitable and comfortable for them. The invention of man is helping mankind to lead a congenial and stress-free life.

But at the same time, we also need to talk about how this technology has been the cause of some severe devastation. Yes, the very purpose of the introduction of this was to help and support mankind but few miscreants take this for granted and put this concept into some unpleasant uses which in turn becomes a danger to human beings. For example, when we talk about how this technology has an upper hand in science and inventions, we also need to talk about how this is being misused in the same field. The very motive of this is to bring in something good and useful but there are also a few who put this into abusive activities like bombing, terrorist attacks etc which as a result projects technology and its different concepts as disruptive and dangerous.

The concept of technology is evolving day by day with some new and unique inventions and different functions and uses. All these are of course attractive and useful but at the same time harmful too if put to wrong and abusive use. Everything that has merits does not fail to come with some demerits for this is the law of nature. Hence while using technology care and caution is to be exercised to stay within limits.




Overview of the New Features in Microsoft Office 2016

Clip art: Clip art and image library are removed. Clip art are now powered by Bing Images. You can add online images or clipart to your file.
Document information panel: This panel has been removed from office 2016.
Equation editor: Microsoft equation editor is no longer supported in office 2016. You do not need to install any software to write or edit math equations in office 2016. Choose “Insert” – “Equation”.
Themes have been changed: The light gray theme has been removed. The dark gray theme has been updated. A black theme has been added. The black theme is only available to Office 365 subscribers.
EPS images: The ability to insert images that use the EPS file format is no longer supported. The image will be replaced by a red X placeholder in case if you have an office file that contains and EPS image.
Power view in Excel 2016: The “Power view” button has been removed from “Insert” – “Reports” on the ribbon. You can refer to “Road map for Power View in Excel” for more details.
Scanned images in OneNote: The Scanned Image button has been removed from “Insert” – “Images” on the ribbon. The ability to insert scanned image from a scanner is no longer supported. You have other options to insert a scan image in OneNote 2016.
Auto discover in Outlook 2016: Auto discover in outlook 2016 requires to be configured, or it will not work with Exchange server. Outlook 2016 retrieves Exchange Server connectivity settings directly from Auto discover instead of the registry, making profiles more reliable, but that also makes Auto discover a required feature. Please refer KB article 3098831.
Cached Exchange mode Sync slider in Outlook 2016: There are three new options for how much mail is available when you are working offline and you are using Cached mode:
a. 3 days.
b. 1 week
c. 2 weeks
Exchange Server support: Outlook 2016 does not support connecting to Exchange server 2007. Please refer KB article 3093039 for more details.
Outlook Social Connector: Access to LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites has been removed. In most of the case the social sites have built Office Add-in solutions that you can use instead.
People Pane in Outlook 2016: People pane is disabled by default. The “Account settings” option has been removed. To show the People Pane, when reading messages, go to “View” – “People Pane” and then choose “Normal” or “Minimized”
PRF files in Outlook 2016: PRF files for configuring Exchange Server accounts are no longer supported. Accounts are configured automatically in the account wizard when you use Auto discover.

HTML files in PowerPoint 2016: HTML file is no longer supported in PowerPoint 2016. The “All Web Pages” choice has been removed from the “File”– “Open” dialog box.
Blogging in Word 2016: The ability to publish a document as a blog post to Blogger is no longer support. The Blogger option has been removed from “File” – “Share” – “Post to Blog”
Grammar & Style: The Grammar & Style option has been removed from the “Writing Style” drop-down menu in the “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” section under “File” – “Options” – “Proofing”
Research in Word 2016: Research button has been removed from “Review”—“Proofing” on the ribbon. You can add the “research” button to the ribbon by customizing the ribbon.